Stafford is finally named and attends the opening ceremony of the Havering Lodge Farm Park Miniature Railway:


Our trusty Stafford emerged from the Station Road Steam works brand new in 2013 having been built to spec for Richard Goulding. It ran on a section of temporary track in Lodge Farm Park on occasions as the miniature line there started off in its early days. Richard was a key player in the planning stages of the line and started the ball rolling on the construction of a line which is now fully operational!

Sadly Richard passed away in May 2015 and the loco was taken on by his son Tony who took the loco back to Lodge Farm and ran it on behalf of Richard, with the loco carrying Richards name on its saddle tank. After sometime the loco went up for sale and the EOMRG seized the chance to purchase the loco and has since been running at railways across the Essex and Hertfordshire counties as well as further afield and has become a real asset to us.

The intention has always been to name the loco officially after Richard and the ideal opportunity arose when we were invited to bring the loco back to Lodge Farm for their grand opening ceremony to celebrate the completion of the line. A pair of fitting brass name plates with were made and fitted to the cab sides of the engine and it made its debut as ‘R.J Goulding’ at the Lodge Farm opening ceremony on Sunday 28thMay. Richards family come along to the event along with many others who remembered the engine from the early days of trains running in the park and commented on how lovey it was to see it return and to have its official name.

A great day was had by all and a massive congratulations to the Havering Miniature Railway Group on their massive achievement!