The EOMRG, where possible, conform to the practices outlined in the document HSG216 Passenger – carrying miniature railways – Guidance on safe practice, as published by the HSE, to ensure the railway is operated in a safe and efficient manner.

The EOMRG is also affiliated to the Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies and has public liability insurance.

All the members of the EOMRG are also members of the Epping Ongar Railway Volunteers Society and work on the ‘full sized’ Epping Ongar Railway, and are thus accustomed to working in safety critical environments.

Important safety notices

Any railway, even a miniature one, can pose potential hazards. Please take care on our miniature railway, do not enter any cordon-off areas, and obey all signs and instructions from members of staff.

Children Under 10 Years Old

Children under 10 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Safety While Riding On Trains

Passengers must not lean over while traveling on our miniature trains and must keep their feet on the running boards of our teak LNER sit-astride coaches at all times. All passengers must remain seated until the train becomes stationary at a designated stopping place.

Once passengers have boarded the train they must not get off for any reason (this includes taking photographs) until the train reaches its final destination, unless instructed by a member of the railway staff.

Steam Locomotives Warning

By their very nature steam locomotives emit smoke, smuts, steam and oil. The railway cannot be held responsible for any staining of clothes or other damage caused.

It should be noted the EOMRG is a completely separate organization to both the EOR & EORVS.